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Cost Control

Making the right strategic business decisions starts with having all the facts. AxisPointe’s strategic planning applies a comprehensive approach to working with clients to develop and implement tailored solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand company business goals and objectives. 

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It is getting increasingly more complicated and serious for employers to keep up with the ever-changing HR laws and regulations, especially with the passage of Healthcare Reform. With regulations and laws constantly shifting, and many employers trying to do more with less, it’s important that you get information that is to the point.

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 The Axis Gold Card is your employee access to an experienced Employee Benefit Advisor. We care about the patient’s best interest and believe they should have an available healthcare navigator and advocate.

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Education & Communication

Effective education occurs when good communication skills are practiced each and every day. Education geared towards employees on health and welfare programs not only keeps the employees informed but also becomes a means to improve morale and employee engagement. 

Employees rely on benefits for personal and financial health. The value an employee perceives in a benefit plan can either be enhanced or diminished by the communication strategy.

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Today’s system efficiencies have become integrated with all aspects of employee benefits. Too many times it is exactly the silent, “not on the radar”, efficiencies that go unchecked from a ROI standpoint. Payroll systems bundled with HRIS can be a huge, silent expense.

In order to reduce the burden to your Human Resources department, AxisPointe offers powerful options that combine cutting edge technology with superior employee communication to ensure the most efficient system is in place to manage your benefits plan.

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 Our results-driven wellness programs are carefully researched, thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed. Our wellness programs teach principles for change and healthy living.

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