Education & Communication

AxisPointe places a high level of importance on the Education and Communication process as it pertains to every employer and its workforce. Our open enrollment meetings are designed to be informative and engaging for every employee. Employees learn that no longer will they have to allow goldcardsituations control them but instead become informed to recognize and avoid the challenges that come with all employee benefits.

Every employee will receive an “Axis Gold Card” which gives them direct contact with the account manager. Employees are encouraged at the open enrollment meetings to contact their account manager for eligibility, enrollment, claims resolution and billing issues. All advisory services are handled in complete confidentiality along with our record keeping procedures which are also completely HIPAA compliant.

AxisPointe can also be contacted via online communication through the AxisPointe HelpDesk. We can be as hands on as required to provide program administration that fits the culture of any employer client.

We work with your existing technology to educate employees using a communication program that works best for you and your employees.

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