Small Group Employee Benefits

small employerAs a small employer, you’ve worked hard to build your business from just a thought into the success it is today. Here at AxisPointe we know how important it is for a small employer to work to exceed their current level of success and are here to help! By providing a comprehensive employee benefits plan for your employees, even if there are only a few of them, you are creating a way for employees to enhance their lives and add a feeling of security.

By offering a comprehensive package of employee benefits:

  • You can better attract and retain employees
  • You help improve company morale and increase productivity
  • Your premium may be tax-deductible as a business expense
  • Your company may qualify for the small business tax credit under Health Care Reform

We will work with you to compile the right employee benefit package that not only fits your company’s objectives and goals but also your budget!

If you are a small employer looking to offer benefits to your employees, let us help you.

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