Free Webinar: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace – Growing Like a Weed!

Webinar: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace – Growing Like a Weed!

When: Thursday March 28th

Time: 2 pm EDT

Cost: Free

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This webinar is pre-approved for HRCI & SHRM Credits!

As legal medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries expand across the United States, legal and decriminalized cannabis is expected to create more jobs in the country by 2020 than manufacturing, utilities or the government. While this is excellent news on many fronts, many states now have laws that legalize the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes making the jobs of Human Resources (HR) and other business professionals even more complicated with each passing day. These rules vary from state-to-state, and because they’re new, they haven’t been tested in our court system. To make matters more challenging, federal laws (where marijuana is still illegal) offer little guidance on the subject matter.

In response to these new regulations, HR professionals and business leaders are charged with the responsibility of understanding the frequent changes in the laws relating to medical marijuana, reviewing their operating standards and updating their employment policies to account for these new regulations. However, it’s difficult to navigate through all the details and understand how the rules apply to your organization, and how much leniency you can allow and still maintain a safe work environment for all employees while protecting your bottom-line interests. There really is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing the changing landscape of weed in workplace. Join us for this complimentary, one-hour webinar as we explore the following:

– Terminology of medical marijuana
– Medical marijuana use and the ADA
– Determine whether you can legally terminate an employee under the influence of medical marijuana
– Decipher the differences between state and federal laws and which laws take precedence
– Drug testing – What employers can and cannot do with regards to drug testing results
– Review of employer responsibilities under OSHA and the General Duty clause
– Review of medical marijuana and the impact on HR-related policies – What needs to change?
– Training – Where to begin