Healthcare Reform

healthcare reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) affects employers of all types and sizes in many ways. Requirements first became effective in 2010, and will continue to be phased in through 2020. Penalties for non-compliance can be significant. This law is complicated, and affects different employers in different ways. Additionally, details of some of the requirements are still being delayed and revised. How health care is purchased, delivered and paid for in this country by individuals made to the most dramatic changes ever on January 1, 2015.

Health Insurance Marketplace

The Marketplace is designed to help individuals find health insurance that meets their needs and budget. It offers “one-stop shopping” to find and compare private health insurance options. Individuals may also be eligible for a new kind of tax credit that lowers the monthly premium right away. Open enrollment for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace begins in November for coverage starting January 1.  To help answer some of the questions employers may be having with the start of the Marketplace, please view AssuredPartner’s recent video podcast here.

Compliance Audit

Are you concerned that you are not in compliance with the law up to present day? Wondering how the future law changes will affect your current benefit plan? We can help and supply you with a study showing you where you are compliant and what areas need more work.

ACA Profile

On June 22, 2014 Aida Visakay’s interview with the Daily Record, a local New Jersey newspaper highlighting Morris County, was published. While interviewing people from all sides (insured members, doctors, brokers, etc) they were able to get an early impact of how Healthcare Reform is affecting Morris County. You can read Aida’s ACA Profile, as well as the full article on the impact, by clicking here.

Healthcare Reform Interview

On March 27th, 2013 Aida was a guest on WCTC’s Bert Baron’s radio show, “New Jersey TODAY”, and was interviewed on the upcoming changes with Healthcare Reform.

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